Case Study 1

The Syndicate.Tech helped a Financial Services provider in India to go digital and trigger 60% growth.


The challenge was to break away from the conventional method of manually tracking the financial details of their clients. Since this was a human-operated process it was chaotic and time-consuming.The objective was to come up with the solution to minimize human dependency, expedite the process while being cost-efficient. As our client is into financial services our focus was to build a secure and reliable platform while not compromising on legal requirements.


As the first step in setting up the digital platform, we had to understand the fundamental business and legal requirements. Through our Legal and Compliance expertise, a Regulated Depository was set up. We automated the entire process by rolling out our Spark Digital Banking platform which was deployed on modules like ID management, Payments, Treasury Management, and Customer Management. The technology and processes were deployed on the cloud, thanks to Spark Digital Banking being cloud-native, and this resulted in overall low cap-ex and op-ex deployment.