Case Study 2

Telecom BSS provider to some of the world’s largest Telecom Operators integrates the Spark Digital Banking platform to provide a natural extension of its platform.

Our client is the only full-stack digital business support system provider with over 40 years of deep domain
knowledge, proven delivery and transformation capability across the globe.
They help customers to monetize and transform their business towards a marketplace of digital services.


The challenge was to have a product that is cloud-native, extensible and self-sustainable that also adhered to Regulatory, Compliance, and Legal requirements. Also, hassle-free incorporation of Spark Digital Platform on to client’s platform.


The solution had to be a platform that would be a natural extender to the client’s platform. With the successful integration of Spark Digital Platform into the client’s platform, our client has become a “fuller” stack provider that includes providing financial services along with Telecom services.