Case Study 3

The Syndicate Tech helped a global mobility player, to setup an ecosystem in India by incorporating and managing, regulatory and compliance measures to work in a competent manner

Our client is in the business of providing transportation solutions to customers through web and mobile
applications. Our client revolutionised the urban transport industry in India by increasing access to transport options available to customers.


The initial challenge was to identify applicable regulations and have a deep understanding of the existing regulations and analyse how our Client’s business model fit within this environment. Also to use them as a base to build client’s business model within this environment.
The second challenge was to identify and engage with relevant stakeholders in the government to help increase awareness and understanding of our Client’s product, the issues with existing regulations and the need for sector specific, business friendly regulations.


We visited each relevant state individually, developed an understanding of existing regulatory frameworks. Subsequently, we leveraged our relationships with these stakeholders in each state to provide extensive knowledge on our Client’s industry, the lack of regulatory support under the current framework and the need for appropriate regulations for the market. We used several studies and reports from other jurisdictions to justify the development of business-friendly regulations and sector specific licensing models. We also worked with stakeholders to help fine – tune proposed regulations.